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On the Boards
photo and rendering

Office Interior Build-Out for Spring 2014 Completion

A small business with 3-4 employees is moving into a “vanilla box” 1,200 square foot commercial space in Lincoln Square. HAG has completed design and construction documents for a casual, contemporary interior-on-a-budget to provide characterful daytime workspace and evening seminar/workshop facilities.

photo and rendering

Queen Anne Interior Renovation for Summer 2014 Completion

This 6,000 sq ft “Orange Listed” Chicago Landmark mansion in Wicker Park has been gutted, altered, and segmented so many times over its 120+ year life that the original interior has been destroyed. HAG was requested to reunite the disparate interior and the beautiful Queen Anne exterior to create a comfortable, classic single family home. Currently, we are developing accurate 3D computer models to plan room layouts and demonstrate the future “feel” of the renovation.


Third Party Technical Consulting Services for Continuing Residential Developer Clients

HAG performs regular benchmark inspections for high-end residential builders, helping them to accurately pinpoint new construction deficiencies prior to the completion of work. Recently completed: the interior-side inspection of the roof, exterior walls, and building systems to confirm the watertightness of the building’s construction and suitability for insulation and drywall installation.


Ongoing Exterior Facade & Parking Deck Condition Assessment and Mitigation Repairs for Watergate Condominiums, Hyde Park, for Summer 2014 Completion

Over a seven-year relationship with this building (built circa 1971), HAG has become this owner’s go-to expert for a variety of building diagnostic services and mitigation repairs. Currently, we are preparing bid documents to direct concrete repairs on the aging exterior facades, roof parapets, and multi-level garage interior to further extend the life of the property.


Ongoing Brick Masonry & Exterior Insulated Finish System Mitigation Repairs for Ashburn Baptist Church, Orland Park, for Summer 2014 Completion

Built circa 1990, this church has been plagued with a variety of interior water damage. After a close visual inspection of the exterior and a review of a few targeted construction openings, HAG prepared a condition assessment report of our findings. Phased exterior mitigation repairs, started in 2013, will conclude in 2014.


Residential Masonry & Roof Mitigation Repairs for Various Chicagoland Private Homeowners, for Winter 2013-Spring 2014 Completion

HAG is proud to have assisted these homeowners, diagnosing their water leaks, prescribing repairs, reviewing contractor bids, inspecting the construction and signing off on the quality of these completed projects.