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What We Do

At Hicks Architectural Group, we offer our clients a unique combination of know-how and strong design skills, creating technically designed solutions. We offer tremendous combined experience with varied types of construction and design, applicable for restoration, repair, renovation, adaptive reuse, building addition, and new construction.

Our work focuses primarily on the following:

Investigation & Restoration

We apply a deep knowledge of building science and best practices to revitalize aging buildings. We’ve performed facade and roof inspections, Condition Assessments, preserved historic buildings, and designed masonry and roof mitigation repairs for dozens of properties.

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Residential Design

Hicks Architectural Group creates expertly designed solutions that are perfectly suited for your specific property, goals, and budget. We help you visualize, and hone your vision to maximize value with creative, technically-sound solutions to your unique building problems.

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Plazas, Decks, & Green Roofs

We design occupied roof decks with green landscaping features, path lighting, and custom furnishings for both residential and commercial clients. We make the outdoor common areas in large buildings vital amenities for all residents or employees, as well as a unique selling feature.

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Technical Consulting

If you’re off-site or don’t have the expertise to evaluate construction, how can you be sure that your project is getting built well and within budget? We have years of experience acting as an owner’s agent on all manner of projects, providing a wide range of expert services.

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