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Exterior Inspections & Restoration

Hicks Architectural Group applies 40 years of experience and a deep knowledge of building science and best practices to revitalize aging buildings in and around Chicagoland. We have completed facade and roof inspections, performed condition assessments, preserved historic buildings and designed masonry and roof mitigation repairs for dozens of properties.

Lincoln Park Historic Home - TLC

Hicks Architectural Group provided an exterior condition assessment report for this late 19th century home, an early Landmarked design by architect Louis Sullivan. Source points of water infiltration and efflorescence were inspected and addressed with masonry repairs, an ornamental copper gutter rebuild, and chimney upgrades. Replacement masonry materials were discussed and approved on-site with the City of Chicago’s Historic Preservation Division.



Edgewater Mid-Century Modern Balcony Renovations

Street-facing resident pre-cast concrete balconies were failing and determined to need replacement. New code-compliant guardrail options were designed for the owner’s selection to increase light onto the balconies and screen views up from the sidewalk. Structural and masonry repairs were designed and the work is being completed this Spring with Hicks Architectural Group field observation.

Multi-Residential Inspection & Repairs

Many residents of this 560-unit, eight-building residential complex constructed in the 1970s were reporting leaking exterior walls, and large areas of face brick were observed to spall brick “crust.”

Our team surveyed the interiors of 75+ units to immediately address items for short-term repairs, made up-close, hands-on inspections of all buildings, mapped the locations and types of deterioration onto “Façade Maps” of all elevations, removed, laboratory-tested and analyzed the key areas of suspect face brick, and prepared a comprehensive Condition Assessment Report of our findings to meet the highest industry standards of care for the owner.

As part of our investigation, we discovered that the original balcony design allowed water to prematurely age the precast concrete structures and steel guardrail assemblies, and also enter the buildings. Imminently hazardous balconies were identified and our team designed matching replacement concrete structural repairs, balcony waterproofing systems, finishes and new code-compliant guardrails, and monitored the quality of the repair work.

Historic Oak Park Multi-Building Roof Replacements

Hicks Architectural Group has performed roof inspections and is currently monitoring the construction work for the demolition and replacement roof and associated masonry repairs on the first of three condominium buildings, located in the Ridgeland–Oak Park Historic District.

Park Ridge Multi-Unit Reroof

An intense hail storm damaged all aging roofs of this suburban condominium complex with 14 four-story multi-residential buildings. The roofs could not be repaired. The insurer stipulated that the buildings be reroofed for the budget of in-kind replacement to best match the original construction appearance from grade.

Hicks Architectural Group designed, bid, permitted, and administered the construction of the multi-phased roof replacement system for all buildings to the highest industry standards. We replaced around 170,000 square feet of low-slope roof and 90,000 square feet of cedar shake mansard with extended warranties.

Hyde Park Institutional Inspection & Repairs

The aging historic facades of the Catholic Theological Seminary were rapidly failing to prevent costly water damage to the building. Hicks Architectural Group was asked to investigate and determine what needed to be done. We performed a close‑up, hands‑on, 100‑percent scaffold inspection of all historic terra cotta and masonry, made targeted spot inspection openings of suspected worst‑case areas, then charted the location and type of observed deterioration onto “Facade Maps” for each building elevation and prepared a comprehensive critical examination report per City of Chicago Building Department requirements.

As a result of our findings, we designed mitigation repairs, prepared construction documents for competitive bidding and permitting, carefully reviewed new material mock‑ups to match original building materials, and performed services to routinely check, review, and record the quality of the work during the construction period.

“Facade Maps” chart the location and type of deterioration observed for each building elevation.

Orland Park Church Facade Inspections & Repairs

Since its construction in 1990s, this church has been plagued with exterior wall leaks. After a close visual inspection of the exterior and a review of targeted construction openings, Hicks Architectural Group prepared a condition assessment report of our findings; prepared bid and construction documents for exterior mitigation repairs to exterior face brick, concrete, and EIFS; and observed the progress of phased repair work for quality.

High-Rise Critical Exams

Hicks Architectural Group provides thorough and competitive Critical Examination Reports and Ongoing Inspection Reports to building owners, required by the City of Chicago for high rise properties. Our services include on-site high-resolution photography and up-close testing of building elements, as well as the use of proprietary digital imaging equipment.

Using these methods, we provide clients the exact amounts and locations of any building distress, mapped onto accurate building elevations for the preparation of our reports. Experience with this work allows us to efficiently strategize methods to control the quality and costs of the investigation and identify any immediate repair work that may be required.