Hicks Architectural Group brings over 40 years of technical experience and award‑winning design to the Chicagoland community. Our core services include:

Technical Services

Impartial 3rd party construction consultation and diagnostic services for building envelopes, to investigate, quantify, and accurately record source points of facade distress and water infiltration.

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Mitigation & Repair

Prescriptive services to fix, restore, or renovate damaged building envelopes, prepare construction documents for competitive bidding and monitor construction activities.

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 Plazas & Occupied Roofs 

Design services to fix damaged waterproofed roofs, enhance the environment of exterior building common areas and increase property values.

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Contextual Design

We don't just examine and repair, we rethink and refine, adding new design to existing structures that is grounded in our knowledge of context, construction, feasibility, and budget.

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