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Pitched Roofs

H|A|G performed similar work at two townhome complexes, including mitigation repairs to shingle roofs at 12 townhomes with irregular roof geometries. This included fixing original “latent defects” in the original construction, which caused premature aging of construction materials and water damage. For the five town homes at Balmoral Courts Condominiums, the damage was demonstrated to be so extensive as to warrant the replacement of all roofs with the correct detailing.

The Hicks Architectural Group’s work also included:

  • Removal and replacement of poorly operating roof ridge vents, eave vents and “smart” vents.
  • Removal and replacement of poor flashings for vent stacks and chimneys.
  • Removal and replacement of deteriorated plywood roof sheathing with new fire rated plywood sheathing.
  • Installation of additional modified bitumen roofing materials and flashings (in order to make weak portions of the roofs with irregular geometries watertight).
  • Installation of additional waterproofing underlayment at eaves, skylights, chimney crickets, and valley flashings.

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