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High Rise Critical Exams

Over the lifetime of buildings taller than 80 feet in height, the City of Chicago Building Department requires building owners to submit reports which document the results of cyclical hands-on exterior wall “Critical Examinations.” Visual “Ongoing Inspections” are also required intermittently between Critical Examinations.

H|A|G provides thorough and competitive Critical Examination Reports and Ongoing Inspection Reports to building owners for their properties, including those detailed in the PDF below. Our services include standard on-site high-resolution photography and up-close testing of building elements, as well as the use of proprietary digital imaging equipment. Using these methods, we provide clients the exact amounts and locations of any building distress onto accurate building elevations for the preparation of our reports. Experience with this work allows H|A|G to efficiently strategize methods to control the quality and costs of the investigation and any immediate repair work that may be required as a result.

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