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Flat Roofs

An intense hail storm damaged all aging roofs of this suburban condominium complex of 14 four-story multi-residential buildings. The roofs could not be repaired. The insurer stipulated that the buildings be re-roofed for the budget of in-kind replacement to best match the original construction appearance from grade.

HAG designed, bid, permitted, and administered the construction of the multi-phased roof replacement system for all buildings to the highest industry standards. This work included:

  • A ±170,000 sq. ft. low slope, low albedo (reflectance) mechanically-fastened PVC membrane with a 15-year-material/5-year-labor warranty.
  • Factory Mutual 4470 compliant impact resistance, hail damage resistance, wind uplift resistance and exterior fire resistance standards.
  • Energy code compliant replacement insulation.
  • High quality replacement drains for areas of heightened insulation for all roofs.
  • The additional design of a ±90,000 sq. ft., 25-year-material/3-year-labor-warrantied cedar shake mansard replacement roof assembly.

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