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High-Rise Sundeck

[rev_slider alias=”high-rise-sundeck”][/rev_slider]overviewLocated along the north lakefront, this 26-story residential tower experienced widespread roof leaking from an aged rooftop observation deck. H|A|G further determined that the deck structure was overloaded by the weight of the deteriorating surfacing materials.

All roof materials were removed down to the roof structure, and structural repairs were performed to the deck. A new roof and south-facing common amenity were designed, bid, and permitted, consisting of:

  • A replacement 20-year-warrantied waterproofing system for multiple roofs with increased, energy code compliant roof insulation.
  • A new 20-year-warrantied natural wood finished deck for all occupied areas.
  • A new life-safety tie-back perimeter system for facade maintenance and window washing.
  • New planters, containing low-maintenance intensive and extensive landscaping, with an integral irrigation system.
  • A new granite food preparation counter and non-corroding metal sunshade for furnished areas.
  • New low-glare safety/landscape lighting, controlled by adjustable timers.

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January 21, 2013